Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes we are still alive. I should say that we have been busy, busy but that would be a lie. I just don't take time to update things. I would rather sleep to be perfectly honest with everyone.

This fall/winter we have been just hanging out. My brother got married in October (I am very slow). It was a great wedding. We drove down to Albq, NM. That is were Reta's family is. The wedding was at her sisters house. The house was a dream house. We are very happy for them:)
So then we go into Thanksgiving. We were able to stay here. My parents came up and we had dinner with my family and then over to David's house. Thanksgiving is always to busy for use. And too much stuffing our faces. This year we also had Trent get Baptised during the holiday break. Very exciting.
Then into Christmas which is always very fun with the kids. David was able to take the week off so we had Christmas at the house then took off for New Mexico. My parents were not able to come up this year because they had spent two weeks during Thanksgiving. So I wanted to spend time with them. David was not happy to drive but he loves me.:) What a great guy.
We had Ethans Birthday down there with my parents. Ethan turned 2 on the 29th. He was just so happy to be able to open every present he found. It even rolled over to Andrew and David's birthday in January. He knew it was a present so he thought he was suppose to open it.
I will post pictures later. Like I said I am very slow. You know Christmas was just two months ago really am I suppose to have my pictures on the computer already?
We are getting ready for spring to jump out at any time. My kids are tired of the house and want to play outside. The snow has been great but they have not been able to play in it as much as they would like. I don't like the wet that is all over my house when the snow playing goes on. We have enjoyed this winter.
So that is the update for now. Hope to be better at keeping things posted.