Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Time

I don't have much to say but things are going well. We had a very busy Christmas. Christmas Eve we had our Jolley Party which lasts way to long. Then Chirstmas morning the kids love that Santa has left his bag full of toys. We had a brunch with both parents at the house. It makes for a busy morning but I love doing it. Then we went to my brothers house for dinner and exchange gifts. We have lots of fun spenting time together. The kids love the play time.

Ethan also turned 1 this month. Just keeps us busy. We had a party for him and he loved it. He was excited for the paper and boxes and Christmas then he realized there was more paper and boxes for his birthday. Lots of fun. He grew up WAY TO FAST. Do they slow down? I miss so much.

I have to add this video. Ethan was suppose to blow out his candle but he thought it might be better to touch it out. He learned early about fire....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am very slow about getting things done. But here goes anyways. Our family had a great Thanksgiving. We enjoyed a night of moving my parents Hugh piano; that they brought up for me, into the house Wednesday night. VERY HEAVY :( We did get a lot of help from friends and family. Thank You very much. The kids love the piano and for two days that is all they did.

Thursday we where able to have Thanksgiving dinner together at my brothers house. It was a very nice dinner. The kids got to play and had fun. We also had to go to David's families house for dinner. At least Randy's dinner was a lunch and David's family was late for dinner. Lots of food and not enough time to eat. The kids always have lots of fun to play with cousins.

Then Friday morning we got up around 7:00 (that is the earliest we will every get up) and got the kids ready and started out to enjoy Black Friday. We had lots of fun. We didn't go out for anything that we needed but we did find some good deals. We got the kids good winter jackets. And David got his ladder that he has won't for five years. Buying a ladder just gave him more things to do around the house. So if that is what he wanted. :)

Then Friday night we were able to go out with my parents for dinner (no kids). When we got home David watched the Jazz game and Ethan played with a balloon. He rolled around with it with my dad. He loved it. It is always lots of fun when family comes up to visit.