Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes we are still alive. I should say that we have been busy, busy but that would be a lie. I just don't take time to update things. I would rather sleep to be perfectly honest with everyone.

This fall/winter we have been just hanging out. My brother got married in October (I am very slow). It was a great wedding. We drove down to Albq, NM. That is were Reta's family is. The wedding was at her sisters house. The house was a dream house. We are very happy for them:)
So then we go into Thanksgiving. We were able to stay here. My parents came up and we had dinner with my family and then over to David's house. Thanksgiving is always to busy for use. And too much stuffing our faces. This year we also had Trent get Baptised during the holiday break. Very exciting.
Then into Christmas which is always very fun with the kids. David was able to take the week off so we had Christmas at the house then took off for New Mexico. My parents were not able to come up this year because they had spent two weeks during Thanksgiving. So I wanted to spend time with them. David was not happy to drive but he loves me.:) What a great guy.
We had Ethans Birthday down there with my parents. Ethan turned 2 on the 29th. He was just so happy to be able to open every present he found. It even rolled over to Andrew and David's birthday in January. He knew it was a present so he thought he was suppose to open it.
I will post pictures later. Like I said I am very slow. You know Christmas was just two months ago really am I suppose to have my pictures on the computer already?
We are getting ready for spring to jump out at any time. My kids are tired of the house and want to play outside. The snow has been great but they have not been able to play in it as much as they would like. I don't like the wet that is all over my house when the snow playing goes on. We have enjoyed this winter.
So that is the update for now. Hope to be better at keeping things posted.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Pool?

So this is a picture before reading...look how nice it looks. I have not put the other pictures on my computer yet. I will do that later. But at least you know some of my summer plans. I am not a very good blogger. I forget or just am lazy. Lazy is most of the time.

Yesterday we were going to go to the pool after reading. Tuesday we read from 2-3 at Grandma Searles house. She is awesome. Well all morning it looked like a great day but NO when the afternoon comes in so do all the clouds. So we thought we would put the sprinklers under the tramp and let them play for a while before it started raining to much. They did have fun but I do wish the weather was warmer so that I could use my pool pass that I spent so much money on. That is one reason I can't go to all these field trips. If I would have known the weather was going to stay rainy I would have waited to buy the pass and then I would have been able to enjoy more field trip days.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shipping Anywhere

It is summer time and we have had some fun planning trips for the summer time. One big rode trip is to Oceanside, California. So we went and bought a roof carrier because we have to much stuff to fit in the van. Yes a van but we still have too much stuff. Four kids does that to you. So we had it out to see if it would fit all our suitcases in it. Well Ethan thought is was for him and climbed inside and he thinks he is ready to go. He has his blanket and himself. What else do you need? He is a cute little boy. It is going to be lots of fun. I can't wait till July gets here. I myself am ready to go tomorrow. Just so excited.......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am very slow at posting our Spring Break pictures. We had lots of fun. We went to Farmington NM to visit my parents for a couple of days. It was very busy because it was the 15th. (If you are an accountant then you know how busy it gets) Why did we visit during that time? The kids kept begging to go to Farmington so that is the time we had to get down there. It was on our way to Flagstaff to visit some friends. So we stopped and had fun in the hot tub and played with my brother Brads dogs. Thursday when we were getting ready to leave Brad came over and asked if the boys wanted a ride on the motorcycle. Ryan had a smile on his face that would not go away. Andrew will give it a try next time. They love visiting. They have so much fun doing nothing but being at grandma and grandpas.

When then finally made it down to Flagstaff and had so much fun playing with friends. (The Reber's) Andrew and Ryan didn't want to go anywhere unless Caden and Matthew were with us. We want to thank the Reber's for letting us crash there already busy weekend. We had tones of fun. We went down to this zoo that is called Out of Africa. FUN FUN FUN...

We got to feed the giraffe the kids loved it. You get so up close with these animals. We had a great tour guide. She stopped at every animal.

Caden and Andrew

Those are snakes...Sadie was very brave to get in there and pet the snakes. The boys loved to get in there and touch those snakes. They were BIG...

They had this Tiger show that was neat to watch. They had workers that would get in there with the tigers and chase around and play with the tigers. They had a cub show. I didn't get many pictures because my camera is not good at action pictures. If was lots of fun though.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Time Goes By

This house has changed so much. This his Grandma and Grandpa Chipman's house on the farm. When I was little they had several arches of land north of the house that we would run around on. They had a motorcycle that the boys would fight over and the tree swing over the Irrigation. They sold that land and there is now a church on it but still that house sat. We had tons of summers out on that grass. Now that Grandma and grandpa are both gone the house has changed hands. My cousin now lives there and is trying to fix it up. The time goes by and it look so different. It does look really good. I should also find some pictures of the inside and take some now. Michelle has done a great job making it hers. I will never be able to call it Michelle's house. It is still Grandpas house up on the farm....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mykel...four....and everything else

Mykel had a birthday. She is now four and loves it. She got to go to the Jazz game with her daddy and loved it. The Jazz won. She also was so excited about turning four because she is now able to have makeup. It is just chapstick but she loves it anyways. She got a little makeup table and sits for hours doing makeup....Our little princess is getting so big.

Here are some other pictures that I will post just since I have not posted for a while now...Andrew loves scouts. He turned eight in January and that is all he talked about was being able to go to scouts. He gets it twice since David and I are over the Bears. He comes to our meetings then to his. He thinks he knows it all. A very big helper.Mykel is going through this stage that she thinks she has to be in a dress everyday. The stars on her head was her birthday hat from Preschool. She loves wearing it around the house. I had to buy tons more spring dresses since that is all she will wear anymore. I never thought she would worry so young at what she wears but she wears probably four outfits a day. You go in her room and she has every outfit on the floor. What a mess at FOUR.

Ryan is best by himself. He likes to fight with everyone when they are around. David and I have realized that when we want to see our cute little Ryan come out of his shell you have to take him by himself to someplace. That is when you get to see who Ryan really is. He is a really cute boy but I think he was suppose to be an only child or something because he has a hard time with brothers and sisters. I guess that is why he is in our family so he can learn how to deal with brothers and sisters. What a hard thing to learn. He is a very cute boy and we do love him.

Ethan is a very different child. He picks up on things that the other three didn't every want to do. He loves pattycakes and ring around the roses. He claps his hands and is very dizzy for most of the day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ethan is one that has his own time frame. He cares less that he his suppose to keep up with his brothers and sister. 13 months later he can now walk...