Friday, March 6, 2009

Mykel...four....and everything else

Mykel had a birthday. She is now four and loves it. She got to go to the Jazz game with her daddy and loved it. The Jazz won. She also was so excited about turning four because she is now able to have makeup. It is just chapstick but she loves it anyways. She got a little makeup table and sits for hours doing makeup....Our little princess is getting so big.

Here are some other pictures that I will post just since I have not posted for a while now...Andrew loves scouts. He turned eight in January and that is all he talked about was being able to go to scouts. He gets it twice since David and I are over the Bears. He comes to our meetings then to his. He thinks he knows it all. A very big helper.Mykel is going through this stage that she thinks she has to be in a dress everyday. The stars on her head was her birthday hat from Preschool. She loves wearing it around the house. I had to buy tons more spring dresses since that is all she will wear anymore. I never thought she would worry so young at what she wears but she wears probably four outfits a day. You go in her room and she has every outfit on the floor. What a mess at FOUR.

Ryan is best by himself. He likes to fight with everyone when they are around. David and I have realized that when we want to see our cute little Ryan come out of his shell you have to take him by himself to someplace. That is when you get to see who Ryan really is. He is a really cute boy but I think he was suppose to be an only child or something because he has a hard time with brothers and sisters. I guess that is why he is in our family so he can learn how to deal with brothers and sisters. What a hard thing to learn. He is a very cute boy and we do love him.

Ethan is a very different child. He picks up on things that the other three didn't every want to do. He loves pattycakes and ring around the roses. He claps his hands and is very dizzy for most of the day.

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Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

That was a good update. Each child is so different. I love that Mckell wears dresses. So cute. I also love the video of Ryan on the tramp. It's neat to watch kids when they think your not watching.