Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Pool?

So this is a picture before reading...look how nice it looks. I have not put the other pictures on my computer yet. I will do that later. But at least you know some of my summer plans. I am not a very good blogger. I forget or just am lazy. Lazy is most of the time.

Yesterday we were going to go to the pool after reading. Tuesday we read from 2-3 at Grandma Searles house. She is awesome. Well all morning it looked like a great day but NO when the afternoon comes in so do all the clouds. So we thought we would put the sprinklers under the tramp and let them play for a while before it started raining to much. They did have fun but I do wish the weather was warmer so that I could use my pool pass that I spent so much money on. That is one reason I can't go to all these field trips. If I would have known the weather was going to stay rainy I would have waited to buy the pass and then I would have been able to enjoy more field trip days.


Sally Young said...

There will be lots of hot day. I hope anyways. We are missing you on the field trips but understand.

Youngblood4ever said...

True story. I was talking to a guy tonight that said we are over 200% in our rain for this time of year. WHAT? Only 200%? Isn't it always cloudy/rainy?